Thank You from the Centennial Committee

A better late than never thank you from the Centennial Committee to the community for the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo 100-year celebration. To the Middle Park Fair Board for allowing us the freedom to run with ideas and events, sometimes wondering, will it ever be finished. To the Grand and Summit County Commissioners, for the financial support, to make the events for the 100-year celebration possible. The committee members who joined the insanity (the original committee), and made us a functioning, highly organized group, that was able to pull off the Saturday events without any problems. Lur Curran (resident expert), Karla Hassler (mother of founder’s luncheon), Tara Sharp (kids games, music and our handler of musicians), Sheilah Jones (town informant), Shelly McManus (keeper of drinks), DiAnn Butler (county connection and hostess) and Alana Robinson (co-hostess), thanks for everything.

Our biggest event was the Founders Luncheon. Key financial sponsors included Summit County, Blue Valley Ranch, the Town of Kremmling and Kevin and Nancy Jordan, thank you tremendously. The fantastic lunch, that drew the highest compliments, thanks Peg Toft and Chelle Marquardt, luncheon helpers, and sponsors Quarter Circle Saloon and Siobhan Fay (Pepsi). The Menhennett family for the beer and wine. Caitlyn Taussig, you performed wonderfully, singing for the attendees at the lunch. The decorations, thanks Robin Young, for making the sheep barn into the events center.

The Grand Entry Parade–thanks Jodi Hill, Carly Sherman (Grand River Ranch) and Christy Horn for bringing your teams of horses to bring the dignitaries to the luncheon. Noble Underbrink and Dave Hammer, with the use of modern horsepower, also helping with the parade and all the famous past queens.

Lori Birch, on very short notice, put together a complete video presentation on the Fair and its rich history. Helping with this was the Grand County Museum and Tim Nicklas, thanks for the tremendous support of the Fair.

Rob Breeze, thank you for coming home to bring some old time country rock and roll.

The Grand Foundation and the Grand Gala Committee, thru the donation of monies from the Grand Gala, sponsored the gate admissions for all people to get in free. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Other events that were part of the Centennial Committee, the cattle drive thru town, the branding party, horse racing, archery competition, the Power World 4-wheeler ranch rumpus, mini broncs, the flame thrower exhibition, and additional music were all well received and enjoyed by all that attended or participated. We hope several of these events will continue at future fairs.

Thank you to our event photographers, Caitlin Steuben, Chris Tracy and Carl Fowler, who helped capture all of our special moments of the 100t Fair and Rodeo, and thank you to McCall Linke for working behind the scenes on Facebook to help promote the 100th fair, and a thank you to the businesses who participated in the Decorate Your Business Contest to help build momentum and excitement for fair.

Thank you to Rhea Gallagher for designing the commemorative cancellation stamp for the post office, and thank you to the post office ladies for donating your time at the fair to cancel stamps for those who purchased postcards.

Another large thank you to Larry Banman, for going above and beyond your time requirements and pay grade, to make sure the Centennial Committee was fully informed, making deadlines and necessary contracts with all our events.

The success of the events and activities was only possible with everyone that attended, participated and watched. Thanks to the community, people traveling back to the fair and all the old friends and families we have not seen in years.

All this insanity started with Kim Cameron, Pat Pryor, Peg Toft, Dumb and Dumber (Larry Banman and Mike Ritschard, respectively). Thanks for all you did for the 100th Middle Park Fair and Rodeo.

Better late than never thank you,

The Centennial Committee
Pat, Peg, Larry, Kim and Mike