In Loving Memory
Middl Park Fair and Rodeo In Loving Memory

Middle Park Fair and Rodeo MemorialDale Clyde Childers

Grand County native Dale Childers passed away peacefully in his Fraser home on January 1, 2018. The eldest son of Ancil Clyde and Mabel Childers, he was bornand raised in Kremmling as one of 13 children. He enjoyed spending time onthe ranch in Radiumwhich was homesteaded in 1886 by his great grandfather Charles Mugrage. He was a renowned crane operator, mechanic, and grand spoiler of all dogs. In 2012 he was named one of Grand County’s Pioneers of the Year. Dale graduated from Kremmling Union High School in 1958, then joined the Operating Engineers Union. Following his tour of duty in Korea, Dale resumed hiswork with the union which he continued for a total of 50 years, working on someof Colorado’s largest construction projects including DillonDam, Roberts Tunnel, Eisenhower Tunnel, and Denver International Airport. He will be missed by many.

Middle Park Fair and Rodeo MemorialMPFREmily Dee

Emily Dee passed from this life on Monday, Jan. 29 in Durango. She was 22 years old. Like her parents, Sean M. Dee and Suzan E. Dee and her sisters Caytlyn and Brenna, she was a proud Colorado native. Her family brought her to Grand County when she was only one. Growing up in God’s country,she was an expert skier and cowgirl who loved the outdoors. Emilyhad horses, cats and dogs and cared for them well. She also ran trackand played volleyball through high school. Emily graduated early. Emilyattended Fort Lewis College in Durango where she studied marketing. The motto that Emily carried and lived was “to thine own self be true.”

Middle Park Fair and Rodeo MemorialMPFRJim Lynch

Jim Lynch, 83, passed away peacefully on Dec. 6, 2017, at his home near Parshall.

He was born to Chester and Perle Lynch in 1934 and their family included Jim and seven sisters. He married his sweetheart, Lois Chase, in 1953 and they had seven children, 22 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great-grandchildren. Jim’s long and adventurous life included 60 years of ranching, his band the Lynch Mob, and skiing. Jim served as a volunteer onthe Grand County sheriff’s patrol and the Middle Park SoilConservation District. His life message was to “do what you say, betrustworthy and forthright.” He was a pilot, pastor and continued to play music at assisted living establishments for many years.

Lois, his wife, was his first — and last —love ever, and a lifelong best friend. His other best friend was his guitar.

MPFRBen McClelland

Ben McClelland was born in St. Anthony’s hospital on September 5, 1956, to Skip and Roselle McClelland. After high school, he received a degree in farm and ranch management then earned his Juris Doctorate in 1994 andpracticed law in Colorado andWyoming. In 2007 he took his seat as Grand County’s judge where he remained until 2014. He loved roping and rodeo partly because of the challenges and the skill involved but mostly because of the people that he shared it with. He believed every kidshouldhave a hobby that included at least one animal and more if possible. He knew experiencing life and the hard realities of death were best understood through and with our animals. He believed dogs and horses were partners not possessions and treatedthem as such. He respected and cherished those that mentored him andhecontinued that legacy of mentorship by helping anyonethat crossed his path. In place of flowers please support the county’s 4H program.

MPFREd Pickering

Ed Pickering passed away September 21, 2017 at his home. He was 77 years old.

Ed was born on December 25, 1939 in Denver, CO to Frank and Millie Pickering. He grew up in Kremmling, CO and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Colorado State University in 1965, putting himself through school by rodeoing, winning the All Around Cowboy four times and the regional championship in bulldogging, calf roping and ribbon roping.

In April of 1965 he married Mary Ann Samchuck from Freedom, Pennsylvania, and they were together for 52 years before his death. Ed began working for Coors in the company’s cattle feedlot outside of Longmont. He then went to work for himself running cattle across the southwest, starting at his grandfather’s ranch in Grand County Colorado, and later in Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and most recently, with his son Eric, at their ranch in Red Rock, AZ.

He was a lifetime member, and gold card holder, of the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association. He bulldogged and roped. Later in life, he thoroughly enjoyed following the rodeo results and visiting with friends about all the good times rodeoing.