2017 Princess - Madelyn Probst

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2017 Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Princess, #FairandRodeo, #Fair, #Princess, #Rodeo, #MiddlePark, #Ranchlife #Ranch, #smalltownHello everyone, My name is Madelyn Probst and I am your 2017 Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Princess. I am very excited to continue my year as princess. Already this year at the various we have participated in I have made new friends and new connections with the other county's royalty. I would like to thank Dakota Docheff and the fair board for continuing the royalty program and letting me participate in this wonderful program. This experience has introduced me to a new community full of wonderful rodeo people.

I would also like to thank my parents. They have supported me, drove me to all the events, and helped me get ready for these events. I am also very thankful for our many royalty sponsors. Not only do you help us through out our year as royalty, But you help improve the royalty program.
Watch for me and the other girls at any of the events we attend. Please feel free to come up and meet us, get pictures taken, ask question or get autographs. I look forward to seeing you all at the fair and rodeo!