Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Royalty Competition
Middle Park Fair and Rodoe - Kremmling, CO

On behalf of the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Board we would like to welcome you to the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Royalty Tryouts.

Royalty Coordinator

Dakota Docheff: 970-471-4695

Queen Contestants Princess Contestants
Girls 15-18 years of age by January 1, 2018. Girls 8-14 years of age by January 1, 2018.

• All contestants must be from the Middle Park area, including Grand and Summit Counties.

• Contestants can pick up an application packet which includes rules and regulations by visiting the Extension Office. All applications must be received by the extension office by close of business Friday, July 27, 2018.

We are looking for young ladies to represent the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo throughout the year. These outstanding individuals must be able to attend numerous events both within the county and outside and have a deep desire to promote the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo and the history and heritage of the Fair. We will be selecting the Queen for the 101st Middle Park Fair and Rodeo in 2017.

You will be judged on your personality and poise, knowledge of the Fair and it’s events, it’s history and your horsemanship skills along with various other categories.

We would ask you read the accompanying packet completely and if you would like to participate in the Royalty Tryouts, sign the following agreement, complete the application, along with a 5 X 7 head and shoulder photo and return it to the Grand County Extension Office before July 20, 2015. The application may also be emailed to middleparkfairandrodeo@gmail.com or faxed to 970-724-9425. Please feel free to contact middleparkfairandrodeo@gmail.com with any questions.

We wish each of you the best of luck!
Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Board

Thank you to our Royalty Competition Sponsors

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