Request for Proposal

Middle Park Fair & Rodeo Board is accepting proposals for 2018 Demolition Derby promotion services at the Middle Park Fairgrounds on August 18, 2018. Proposals must include associated costs with providing the outlined Scope of Services attached hereto as Exhibit “A”. Proposals must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 8, 2018.

The successful promoter is required to execute a Grand County Services Contract, which includes insurance requirements. Middle Park Fair & Rodeo Board reserves the right to reject any and all proposals or cancel this request, including any options within.

Please email proposals to Direct questions to Robert Nelson, MPF&R President.

Exhibit “A”
Scope of Services for promoter

For the Demolition Derby – Kremmling, Colorado – August 18, 2018
  1. Driver registration.
  2. Car inspection to place entries in appropriate classes. This inspection is understood to mean inspecting the cars for safety and for adherence to the qualifications for each class.
  3. Collection of funds for driver registrations in collaboration with MPF&R, all funds must be processed by MPF&R
  4. Appropriate pit passes for those drivers.
  5. Liability insurance as required by Grand County.
  6. Selection and purchase of all trophies.
  7. The classes would include the following: compact, limited weld, fully welded, truck.
  8. Organize, coordinate and judge the theme car contest.
  9. Secure and pay for professional announcer.
  10. Secure and pay for tow-truck service.
  11. Secure and pay for flags, stop watches, radios and any other materials appropriate for a successful derby.
  12. Promote event as applicable and appropriate on your own social media sites.
  13. Day-of-the-event technical expertise for the competition portion of the event, including:
    a. Inspect the arena prior to the event to determine its suitability for the event.
    b. Judge the event and determine the places for all competition categories.
    c. Responsible to run each class: by determining when the classes start and when they end; if there are any rules violations and the enforcement of the appropriate penalties; a. determining the appropriate time to provide aide and assistance for drivers, vehicles or both.
    b. Judge the event and determine the places for all competition categories.
    c. Answer any and all technical questions about rules both prior to the event and on the day of the event.
    d. Inspect the arena after each class and after the event to make sure there are no loose car parts left in the arena. A designated county employee will inspect the arena with the promoter and accept it as clear of loose car parts.

Additional provisions for the August 18th, 2018 Demolition Derby are as follows:

  • Marketing and advertising for entire event in collaboration with MPF&R
  • Secure and organize sponsorships in collaboration with MPF&R
  • Secure and pay for rooms
  • Secure and pay for music/entertainment & coordinate sponsorship & trailer placement
  • Coordination of Bouncy Ball Bonanza and Citizen of the year with WGCEF
  • Coordinate entire event in cooperation with Fair Board and County coordination and oversight of entire event as the “Event Coordinator”. This is to include putting the schedule of events together and ensuring the smooth running of all parts of the event.
  • Secure national anthem singer, coordinate flag raising ceremony, placement of special attendees (Fire, EMS, sponsors etc.) and any other special requirements of the event excluding vendors.


Parties involved:

Derby Producer
Grand County
Middle Park Fair Board


Secure National Anthem Singer
Secure band & stage & setup
Secure and Coordinate Fireworks
Provide Driver Wristbands
Secure and Coordinate with Announcer
Coordinate drivers
Secure sponsors
Secure tow company
Trophies for entire event
Radios for event personnel

Grand County:

Dirt work /arena prep/ setup
Parking and Cleaning Arena
Front Gate - Commissioners
Securing port-o-potties and dumpsters

Fair Board:

Secure Fire Department
Secure and execute contract
Back and Front Gate Staff
Secure and coordinate vendors
Provide wristbands for spectators at both gates
Coordinate Beer Garden with Kremmling Chamber

Producer will coordinate their volunteers and the Fair Board will coordinate their volunteers.