4-H/FFA Rabbit Show

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 — Poultry Show to follow immediately, Poultry Barn

Superintendent: Holly Hester, 405-818-0101

Rabbit Classes

Senior Showmanship Division: Ages 14-18
Intermediate Showmanship Division: Ages 11-13
Junior Showmanship Division: Ages 8-10

Breed Classes

Junior Doe Fancy Breed under 12 months
Senior Doe Fancy Breed
Junior Doe Meat Breed under 12 months
Senior Doe Meat Breed
Junior Buck Fancy Breed under12 months
Senior Buck Fancy Breed
Junior Buck Meat Breed under 12 months
Senior Buck Meat Breed
Pen of Three Market Rabbits
Pet Rabbit Class

The standard of the American Rabbit Breeder Association will be used to determine class designations except for meat pens.

Meat Class

Meat pen entries must be between 3 1/2 lbs. and 5 lbs. There will be 2 types of meat pens - Pure & Mixed Breeds. Rabbits in Meat pens cannot show in the Breeding Rabbit Show. Only Meat pen class animals are eligible for the Junior Livestock Sale.

4-H Rabbit Show Sponsors

A & B Suppy Inc./Colorado Custom Services
Atherholt Construction
CARQUEST of Granby
Grand County Board of County Commissioners
Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply
Sanders Ture Value